What we do....

B2B Internet Solutions currently provide web based solutions for many of the worlds largest companies.  These include 6 retail businesses, 6 banks, 5 airlines, a train company and a hotel chain. Our reliability, delivery and security record for our solutions speaks for itself, or if you prefer we would be more than happy to put you in touch with our customers so you can hear it from them!

Why use B2B?

B2B Internet Solutions provides highly reliable, secure web based total solutions to help customers move their business forward in the most cost effective and painless way....

B2B's Pedigree

The staff at B2B have been producing rock solid, high performance systems for Blue Chip clients for nearly 20 years. Our whole approach to our business and our clients revolves around ensuring the solutions we offer you keep you ahead of your competitors in a timely and cost effective way.

Secure Hosting Infrastructure

We don't put your data at the mercy of third party hosting companies or "the Cloud".  We own and manage our own geographically separate live and disaster standby web hosting infrastructures.  For our customers this means that not only do you know that your valuable business data is in good hands, but you also know that the systems we provide for you perform well and will always be available.   

B2B's Webshop Software SaaS

Companies, including ourselves, have been using our own B2B Webshop software SaaS for over 6 years . . .


B2B Webshop Software SaaS

How it works

Video Streaming

Video Streaming is just one of the excellent services provided by B2B for use by our customers . . .