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B2B Internet Solutions

B2B Internet Solutions have been trading since 2000. During that time, and even prior to that time, our staff have worked closely with numerous Blue Chip companies including banks, airlines, retailers and holiday companies, to provide them with solutions to their business opportunities.

As you would expect, the core of the solutions are web based, most of which depending upon requirements are cloud based as this offers the most secure, cost effective and scalable solution in most situations. In many cases the solutions are based on our highly reliable and flexible B2B SaaS Webshop software, which enables us to deliver tailored solutions to our clients at a highly competitive price.

We are particularly skilled in finding the best and most cost effective solutions to customers needs using the most advanced and reliable software and services available.  In particular where appropriate we make best use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance the reliability, scaleability and performance of end users systems.

Our Culture

One of the game changing benefits of choosing B2B as a business partner is our culture.  B2B have always been 100% committed to, and gone that extra mile for their customers.  We have never written down our approach, but the Amazon Leadership Principles sums it up nicely.

Amazon Web Services Partner

B2B are among the first few companies in the UK to reach Amazon Web Services Technology Partner Status.  This status is given to companies who have a proven level of experience, knowledge, completed projects and Certified Personnel. 

PCI Compliant

We are proud that we as a company, and everything we do for our clients is PCI Compliant. Click on the image below to view our current certificate.

Microsoft Partner

B2B have been a Microsoft Partner for over 10 years, and as such have a deep and broad range of technical resource available at our fingertips.

Nominet Member

B2B have been members of Nominet, one of the world’s leading internet registry companies, for over 10 years. Nominet manage the .uk domain space.

Green credentials

We think about everything we do to see if we can do it in a more environmentally way, and to this end over 60% of our staff work from home. This not only means we minimise our contribution to CO2 emissions from employee travel to a minimum, but we also have a happier, more flexible workforce, leading in turn to enable us to be responsive to our customers in a very cost effective way.

Development methodology

Simple and effective are the terms that cover the way we develop. We don't cut corners, but we make sure we know what we are doing before we start and then stick to rigorous guidelines, using the latest tools, controls and software including Microsoft Team Foundation to make sure we do the best job possible in the shortest possible time at minimum cost and risk.


B2B Internet Solutions broadly follows the standards recommended by the OWASP Development Guide. Personnel also endeavour to keep up to date with other secure coding practices. Please click here for more information on OWASP.

Graded Browser Support*

In general, unless instructed otherwise we our development methodology includes Graded Browser support. In the good old days as the web was starting to develop we used to develop and test to many specific Browsers, whereas by contrast in modern web development we must support all browsers. Choosing to exclude a segment of users is inappropriate, and, with a "Graded Browser Support" strategy, unnecessary.

Graded Browser Support offers two fundamental ideas:

  • A broader and more reasonable definition of "support"
  • The notion of "grades" of support

Support, as used above means: An appropriate support strategy allows every user to consume as much visual and interactive richness as their environment can support. This approach—commonly referred to as progressive enhancement — builds a rich experience on top of an accessible core, without compromising that core.

Grades, as used above means: C-grade, which is the base level of support for all Browsers. A-grade, which is the highest support level, taking full advantage of the powerful capabilities of modern web Browsers. X-grade, support for un-know, fringe or rare Browsers.

* Acknowledgement is given to yuilibrary.com for the information above. Please click here for more information on the YUI library and Graded Browser Support.

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