Order Control System

The B2B Webshop software SaaS is a secure Cloud based order control service.

It is used by over 30 of the best known international companies in the world with over 400k employees via 30+ web sites to place over 300 thousand orders per year.

Essentially it can be used to control, monitor and supply what and when a set of goods and services can be ordered by either by known, or unknown sets of users and or their managers. 

It can be useful for example:

Some of it's features are:

Easily integrated with existing Supply Chain Management Systems

The Service can be easily integrated with a wide range of Supply Chain Management Systems (e.g. Oracle Fusion and SAP Ariba) and ERP's.

Federated Access

Federated access is currently enabled via Oracle Fusion (cXML), SAP Ariba (cXML) or SAML 2.0.  This means that your users don't have to log on once they have logged on to their local business system.

Users can be given a default Role in the Order Control System, or users can be pre-loaded and given appropriate Roles before first logon.  Roles can be changed at any time within the Order Control System.

Order Allocation Control and Replenishment Cycles

The system can easily be configured to allow order placement to be controlled in a one off order situation, or with multiple orders over a finite, or infinite time period, by a fixed allocation, points, or a simple shopping site.  It can also work particular well when using a mixture of these scenarios.

Integration and automatic control of external Locker Delivery Systems

The B2B Webshop software can easily be configured to automatically control any number of remote Locker Systems such as the Locktec Locker Systems, for scheduled cleaning and refill of the lockers so that collections can be made by authorised users at a time that is convenient to them.  It is currently being used by the airline staff from one of the biggest airlines in the world to allow their staff to collect corporate clothing orders at Heathrow Airport at a time that is convenient to themselves.  Sometimes this type of solution is called a last mile solution.

Please click here to find out more about the B2B Locker Control System.

Multiple Internal Warehouses

Any number of internal Warehouses can be set-up and linked to Catalogues against which orders can be placed.  An internal Warehouse may be a copy of, and updated from an external Warehouse on another system, or it may be a physical Warehouse.  Replenishment Orders can be easily raised on external suppliers to bring the Warehouse back up to a full stock situation.

Links to External Warehouses

Internal Warehouses can be linked to external Supplier Warehouses.

Multiple methods of Order Placement - Matrix, Category and Scroll Bar

Various ordering formats can be used depending upon the main reasons for users placing orders, e.g. Our Category Display can be used where users place infrequent orders as it can be setup to give a user more information about the items they are ordering, our Matrix Display show more products and and allows for quicker ordering where the user is already familiar with the items they are ordering.  



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