Software and Systems Integration Services

Software Systems Integration

B2B has over 10 years experience of integrating disparate systems.  Significantly since 2014 we have been making extensive us of the large range of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help us do this in the most cost effective and efficient way.

Using AWS Cloud based services is of course not the only way of integrating systems, but the variety of services, the Pay As You Go charging structure and the fact that they are Cloud based makes using them a very compelling prospect.

B2B Automated Data Transfer Utility

B2B have recently developed a queue based (AWS Kinesis) automated data transfer facility.  This allows automated data extractions to be scheduled and performed on virtually any source database for onward transfer via an Amazon Kinesis queue and inserted into any destination database.

This can release significant human resource and room for errors where the destination database / system relies on timely and accurate transfer of data from one system to another, and where the 2 systems / databases are remote.

The system is normally completely cloud based, but if required for security and / or compliance reasons the data extraction part of the system can be set-up to be completely under the control of the origin data controllers.

Some features are:

  • The data extraction facility is completely configurable via a Windows based Application
  • Extraction schedules are completely flexible, e.g. every 5 minutes, day, week or month
  • The data extracted is controlled by a SQL statement that can be changed within seconds


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